Consulting Services

Callisto can quickly augment an organization's IT or IS department with the appropriate skill sets, enabling you to speedily reach corporate milestones in technology and business.

Callisto contains a vast network of partners and resources that allow us to quickly marshal the necessary skills.

These skills include (but are not limited to) :

  • IT Infrastructure Consultants

  • Systems Administrators

  • Software Developers

  • System Architects

  • Web Designers

  • Project Managers

  • Database Administrators & Architects

  • ERP and CRM Consultants

  • eProcurement Consultants

  • ML Developers

will provide the necessary screening of technical personnel in order to prevent you from wasting time. This way, you can concentrate on personality and business issues when selecting those people that will provide services.

Offshore Development

Callisto has the unique advantage of offering onsite-offshore delivery model. Our onsite development facility in Atlanta is already equipped with skills, resources and hardware to meet the development work.

Callisto has off-shore location for staffing & development in India with cutting-edge skills to meet the project needs.

With a good communication setup we will set to bridge any kind of disparity thus providing that extra comfort level to the client besides bringing in huge cost savings!

Mobile Application Development

Callisto Systems being a top-notch mobile applications development company helps our clients with their mobile applications development and also utilizes digital strategy to initiate their mobile apps marketing.

We are fortunate to have the wide range of qualified and talented resources to design, develop and deploy custom mobility solutions for our clients, It is much more involved than just creating or developing the mobile application. To gain visibility in the app stores, there needs to be a proper plan to do organic mobile apps marketing.

Our mobile application developers and programmers are well equipped with multi brand smart phones, especially drilling in and out of the handhelds to provide elite consultation to our esteemed partners' located in the U.S, Europe and Australia to meet their business needs.

Our potential developers are passionate and are experienced in working on innovative concepts for the latest iPhone, iPad , Android and Windows mobile devices. Our developers are smart and well equipped to address mobile technology needs and challenges of the future.

Our mobile apps development services include:

  • iOS application development (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)

  • Android application development (smart phones and tablets)

  • Windows mobile application development

  • Symbian mobile app development

  • Blackberry application development

Experienced in the following mobile app development Platform and framework.

  • Native iOS SDK

  • Native Android SDK

  • Native Windows Mobile SDK

  • Native Blackberry Mobile SDK

  • Sencha Touch

Business domains served

  • Enterprise mobile apps

  • Gaming mobile apps

  • Location based mobile apps

  • Social media mobile apps

  • E-Learning mobile apps

  • e-Books mobile apps

  • Multimedia mobile apps

  • Utility mobile apps

  • Small business and productivity mobile apps

Various Phases of our Mobile Apps Development Life Cycle:

Free Elite Consulting – We provide elite consulting to help our clients kick-start their mobile app development and we assist them to explore the limitless business possibilities.

Detailed Task List or Approach Document – Our core team of mobile apps developers assist the to understand the pieces of the mobile app development puzzle by providing a detailed work break down structure, followed by a transparent project approach plan and provide clarity of each and every feature development for the mobile apps.

Mock-Up by UX (user Experience) designer – Our specialized team of UX designers are highly capable of quickly grasping your the business of the clients, geo location, audience brand identity and are able to deliver an appealing Mock-Up User Interface in a short time frame.

UI(User Interface) graphics implementation – The team of User Interface engineers focus on delivering a custom design with a stylish look and feel which incorporates the vision of the client on their mobile app.

Core App Development – With the rich UI ready, our core mobile app developers start working on the main feature development for the mobile app without uncompromising performance and usability.

Online Project Management – As a pioneer in agile and hybrid project management methodology, we use an interactive and secured online collaboration project management system that allows our mobile apps stake holders to do a seamless exchange of information and data organization in a secured environment. The project builds will be released periodically to give visibility to the stakeholders of the project progress.

Mobile App Content Management – Following a hybrid mobile development approach, we believe that our clients should have the comfort level of updating their mobile apps with new business information and valuable content on need basis. To aid this process, we have developed a home-grown integrative mobile content management system which provides the ability to conveniently manage and update the content of the mobile apps without any need of additional code changes.

Multi Level Testing – Once the development of the mobile app is completed, our testing team starts their testing using their comprehensive, functional, and system test cases. Various levels of testing are performed such as functional testing, non-functional testing, direct device testing, simulated network testing and actual network testing. The test results are then compiled and shared as collated test reports.

Meta Data Preparation and App Store Submission – Getting the mobile app approved by the App Store Engineers is a much bigger challenge than developing a mobile app. As we have quite a large number of app store submission success stories, we will ensure the approval and listing of the mobile apps in the app stores on time.

Version Control and Tech Support – Unlike other traditional software development practices, mobile apps development has more rapid changes and has to adapt to changing mobile OS versions and changing mobile handhelds real estate. We provide a solid technical support which meets the demands of the dynamic mobile domain. We also have a tighter state-of-the-art version control which keeps track of all the changes. We provide the same technical resources familiar with the original application for the upgrades as well, which makes our turn-around time quicker.

Custom Application Development

Callisto Systems has a wide range of success stories in custom software development solutions using Microsoft technologies, Java and Open source LAMP stack with PHP as the core language. We have great knowledge in data management solutions and mobility solutions using C#, .Net, Java and PHP.

Callisto Systems maintains a proven strategic focus on corporate commitment to the Microsoft .NET platform for application development — right from building new software products to enhancing existing solutions or migrating legacy systems ones.

Callisto Systems has diversified expertise in Java and PHP programming such as designing, developing and maintaining a sheer number of rich internet applications and complex business applications

In 2005, we established a .NET Centre of Excellence (CoE). Since then, our elite consulting team has amassed extensive core knowledge and blended experience in .NET tools and languages, as well as. NET-based system architectures, application servers, and interactive web services.

Our software development knowledge at Java & PHP specialty center has the right mix of Java certified developers, solution architects, UX designers, certified project managers and dedicated QA team for our Open source application development department.

How we can help you using Microsoft Technologies:

  • To Design and develop iOS applications, Android Applications and Windows Mobile 7 and 8 applications using C# and .Net to get seamlessly connected to your existing C# and .Net applications using our proven expertise in Mono Touch for iOS and Mono for Android and Windows 7 Mobile and Windows 8 Mobile applications

  • To Design and develop Highly scalable, flawlessly secure and custom configurable .NET based Desktop, Web and cloud collaborated applications as well as solutions

  • To modernize your existing legacy applications by upgrading the versions using stable Java and PHP Application Development framework

  • To Migrate or to reengineer your web and productive desktop applications to .NET, Java and PHP

  • To develop easily distributed web, desktop and cloud system applications using .NET, Java and Web services (SOAP & REST)

  • To Develop mobile and PDA applications using .NET and Java

  • To integrate .NET and Java Applications with your enterprise systems for a better collaboration internally

  • To maintain and enhance your .NET & Java Applications be it a legacy desktop or web app or cloud solution.

Nearshore Development

Callisto has the unique advantage of offering onsite-nearshore delivery model. Our onsite development facility in Atlanta is already equipped with skills, resources and hardware to meet the development work.

Callisto has near-shore location for staffing & development in CostaRica with cutting-edge skills to meet the project needs.

With a good communication setup we will set to bridge any kind of disparity thus providing that extra comfort level to the client besides bringing in huge cost savings!