Who We Are

Callisto Systems founded in 2001 has a very diverse and unique services-oriented business model that spans into Consultancy as well as product development.

Over time, Callisto has diversified their consulting services model to include technology in areas such as project management, data warehousing, IT infrastructures and software development.

Callisto's Technology Services division continues to evolve from simple staff augmentation to turnkey, fixed-bid solutions help customers minimize costs and mitigate risks.

We invite you to learn more about Callisto in order to discover the many ways we can help your organization.

Our Approach

In Callisto Systems, we are particularly good at isolating complex problems pretty quickly and provide solution that best fits the needs of our clients.

Since we are committed to best serve our client needs, we eventually become 'subject matter experts' in understanding how the client business operates, which includes functional and technical understanding of financial, political, and the human factors that drives the organizations of our clients.

Business Operating Assessment

We begin the business assessments of our clients with a broad overview and define the business level requirements, project specifications and propose a project plan. We perform an operational review and identify the changes that will result in efficient performance, better customer service and increased profit. We also perform the cost analysis and propose a project plan which will meet the cost and time frame needs of our clients.

Design and Development: One Step at a Time

We use a highly flexible design and development process and with the constant communication with the client, we are able to ensure a robust design that is a good fit for their enterprise workflow. We also work with our client to choose the best database for their business needs. This level of involvement and commitment ensures that learning curve of the user to use this app is not steep and also user does not need a lot of training hours. This results in improved costs for the client.

Design Does Matter

The ultimate benefits of good design are endless and that can also save tons of money! Our UX (User Experience) designs have won a few awards.

Good Design & Good Results

The success in getting the integrated solutions work effectively for our clients depends heavily on the way the solution is perceived in the design stage. Communicating the UX (User Experience) solution prior to being functional is quiet challenging, but undoubtedly quite essential in design process. Our UX design process ensures that our solutions achieve the delicate balance of innovation and familiarity that is required for a successful.

Custom Programming

Designing a successful data management and workflow solution for the client needs is equally as critical as that of understanding the business needs of our clients, where we always excel as a partner.

Our Clients